B.E.E. Prep

Violence & Sexual Misconduct Prevention
B.E.E. Prep

Young college and university students are the future of our country. These amazing men and women deserve the full experience of academic life in a safe and supportive environment. Yet, statistics show that one in four college students will experience a sexual assault. I am a father of two beautiful daughters and an accomplished self-defense instructor. And, I want to stop these violent acts from happening on university campuses across the country. This is why I developed the B.E.E. Prep Program.

The goal of the Body Education and Empowerment (B.E.E.) program is to create more informed, confident, compassionate, and empowered women specifically as it pertains to their health, safety, and well-being. The B.E.E. program is distinct from other education and/or empowerment programs because not only does it teach and educate participants in awareness and prevention strategies, it also goes beyond to empower and equip them with effective self-defense techniques and principles should they be threatened. By creating a collaborative, supportive, and hands-on training environment, participants learn the full range of skills needed to prevent, deter, and defend themselves from an attack.

University Leadership – Why You Matter!

University leaders are under intense scrutiny by parents, board members, the department of education, and the community to ensure a safe and secure campus experience. Imagine how well prepared and responsive your university will be with an integrated and comprehensive sexual-assault and violence elimination program. Imagine how parents, prospective students, donors, board members, and the community as a whole will see you as a leader who cares about this important matter and has taken steps to make your campus safe. And you know it will be safer because you will have taken tangible steps to bring about measurable results and change on your campus. All of this will happen because you, as the university leadership, choose this path, you made this happen, and invested in bringing B.E.E. Prep Program to your campus and students.


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