Kid’s Classes

We are happy to announce the start of our first kids’ (age 5 -10yrs) martial arts class; starting Friday, January 20th 2023

Classes will be held once a week Friday 4:00 – 5pm

Martial arts training builds self-confidence, discipline, focus, and physical well being. Our unique program helps students to develop a positive relationship with movement and their bodies while simultaneously building self-defense skills.  We believe in character development through martial arts training. The CQC Academy Self-Defense program starts with modeling and encouraging a positive confident attitude. Through our training; students learn respect, trust, confidence, concentration, patience, dedication, control, and self-awareness. We strive to build character as well as martial skills. We use partner drills to help build a sense of family and trust. Our program embraces a training philosophy that facilitates lasting friendships through cooperation and respect.

We are excited for you to become part of our family.

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