Michigan Pencak Silat Invitational

February 18th through the 20th join Close Quarters Combat Academy from for the first-ever Silat Michigan Invitational. This tournament will be open to all styles of martial arts. The tournament will operate under United States Sport Silat Association rules. Non-silat styles can compete in all categories and are encouraged to should their style in free forms.

Competition Categories:

  • Sparring Matches (Tanding) – Fast-paced point sparring scored by strikes landed, evasions, throws, takedowns, and submissions
  • Jurus Tunggal – Standardized solo form performance with three parts empty-hand, machete (golok) and long staff (tongkat panjang)
  • Jurus Ganda – Choreographed paired form displaying attack, defense and counter both empty hand and with weapons.
  • Free Forms – A three minute long solo form with or without a weapon.

The Cost is $100.00 follow the link below to register.