Close Quarters Combat Academy aims to serve the community. Empowering members of our community through Self-Defense training is why we are in business. Here are some of the great things members of the community said about us.


If you want to legitamatey defend yourself
You need to get with Taqqee -J.T. Thomas

I started going to CQC in order to learn self-defense because I am going to be studying abroad in Europe. I was originally looking for a self defense class for just women, but the fact that I couldn’t find one in the area was a blessing in disguise. During my first class I knew that I was in the right place. Taqqee not only is an excellent instructor, but he became a really great friend. All of the other students were not only welcoming, but very supportive. You have the opportunity to work with people that have varying levels of experience, and everyone helps each other. You learn diverse moves on how to defend and then attack, but they are simple enough that you can feel confident while executing them. I didn’t have a lot of time to learn before I went home for the summer, and Taqqee was available it seemed whenever I wanted to take a private lesson, which were filled with moves that were more centered around what I wanted to learn. One of my main barriers was the idea of inflicting pain on another person, even if they deserved it. So in my private lessons Taqqee put on protective gear and let me punch and kick with full force.

The class taught me to be confident, the people allowed me to trust, and Taqqee taught me to be fierce. I can’t thank this place enough, and I will definitely return for more training when I get back from Europe. -Mallory Griffin