Welcome to Close Quarters Combat Academy. Ann Arbor’s premier reality-based Self-Defense school.

Close Quarters Combat Academy offers reality-based Self-Defense classes in a fun cooperative environment. We believe that everyone has the right to defend themselves and money shouldn’t keep you from learning to protect yourself. That is why we offer affordable, high-quality classes for the average man and woman. You don’t have to be strong or in great shape to use our Self-Defense system. CQC is a modern blended Self-defense system, developed and created with one intention- to finish the confrontation and get home alive. It arms you with the skills to defend yourself by teaching proper body mechanics and the use of leverage. C.Q.C. is simple and straightforward so anybody can learn to defend themselves using our system. Come give us a try. Your first class is FREE!

Join Close Quarters Combat Academy May 8th for another women’s Self-Defense workshop. These workshops are in response to increased violence against women and minorities. The curriculum is designed to address the unique challenges women face with self-defense. The cost of this workshop is $50 for each workshop.