Kalis Ilustrisimo Knife workshop

with Fred Bigliardi

Self Defense Barre Code Class

Join The Barre Code and Taqqee Khabir for a 90-minute workshop designed to teach us the skills we need to build awareness, carry ourselves more confidently and learn how to defend ourselves to overcome an attacker.

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Taqqee has been practicing martial arts his whole life and has taught self-defense for 7 years in Ann Arbor. He has a passion for helping empower people through martial arts. His background includes Judo, Brazilian Jujitsu, Hapkido, Silat, and Kali. He is the only certified Satria Instructor in Michigan. Taqqee has taught self-defense workshops for Concordia University, Alpha Gamma Delta, Gamma Phi Beta, U of M, EMU, Pengicon and here at The Barre Code. Currently, he teaches classes in Ann Arbor at Close Quarters Combat Academy.

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