We have partnered with Ringstar Studio in Ann Arbor. Their wonderful facility has matted floors and a large mirrored wall so you can watch yourself perform techniques. They also provide free WiFi. Come check out CQC Academy. We have great classes and will be adding more soon. Your first class is FREE.

We now have Class Passes! The class passes are $50.00 and allow you to attend five classes at any time.  This is a great option for busy people that can’t make it to class every week.

Walk-ins/Drop-ins are welcome. If you are not a current student the first class is Free!

CQC Self-Defense Wednesdays 7:00PM-8:00PM $50.00/month
Women’s Self-Defense October 14th 11:00AM – 4:00PM $20.00 Click Here For Details
Training Group Ask For Details Ask For Details
Special Events TBA TBA
Private Lessons Contact To Schedule $50.00/hr.
Small Group Contact To Schedule $250.00/2hr.

CQC Self-Defense:   This class is built around the E.A.T.T. (evade, attack, take balance, take down) principle and covers all aspects of fighting and Self-Defense. This class is for anyone that wants to be able to defend themselves in any situation. This class covers empty hands, weapons, throws/takedowns, chokes/locks, and grappling.

WOMEN’S SELF-DEFENSE:  This class is designed to teach basic Self-Defense to women that are not interested in becoming career martial artist. This class focuses on survival and escape and is streamlined so it’s easy to learn and use.

TRAINING GROUP: This is not a class! I this is for students to spar and work drills. This time is also for proofing techniques and honing skills.

SMALL GROUP CLASSES: Semi-private lessons can be scheduled for up to 5 people. Semi-private lessons are perfect for friends and families that want to learn Self-Defense. The lesson can be tailored to fit your group’s needs and are two hours long. We can come to your location or we can schedule a time for you to come to our location.

PRIVATE LESSONS: Private lessons are by appointment only and are billed at $50.00 per hour. Private lessons are great if you want individual instruction. We can come to your location or we can schedule a time for you to come to our location The first lesson must be a minimum of two hours.

CORPORATE SEMINARS: We offer Self-Defense and fitness seminars for clubs and companies. Contact us for details.