Close Quarters Combat Academy is Ann Arbor’s premiere reality based Self-Defense school. We pride ourselves on our focus on reality-based curriculum. The world can be a dangerous place and we want you to be able to defend yourself effectively if you are ever attacked. The belief that self-Defense is a vital skill everyone should possess drives us to provide the best training possible.

We also believe in character development through martial arts training. That is why for CQC Academy Self-Defense starts with a positive confident attitude. Through our training, students learn respect, trust, confidence, concentration, patience, dedication, control, and self-awareness. We strive to build character as well as martial skill. We use partner drills to help build a sense of family and trust. We also believe it helps to facilitate lasting friendships through cooperation and respect.

What Is CQC?

CQC is a modern blended martial art system; designed to deal with modern attackers. CQC is built on principles and concepts instead of techniques. We use simple methodologies and body mechanics to overcome attackers instead of brute force. All of our techniques follow the E.A.T.T. formula. E.A.T.T. stands for evade, attack, take balance, and take down. CQC’s roots come from warfare arts such as Kali and Silat combined with Chinese styles such as Wing Chun and Bagua. Elements of military combative arts such as Krav Maga have been added as well. C.Q.C. is simple and straightforward so anybody can learn to defend themselves using the system.