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Women’s Self-Defense Workshop



Join Close Quarters Combat Academy March 14th for another women’s Self-Defense workshop. This workshop is designed to address the unique challenges women face with self-defense. The cost of this workshop is $40.0 stay for one session or stay for all four sessions.

The workshop will be structured into four topics.
1: Understanding Predatory Behavior
This section will cover the common psychological and behavioral patterns used by criminals.

2: Understanding the Stress Response
This section will explain the physiological changes that occur in
the body when exposed to stress or trauma.

Lunch Break

3: Escaping Holds & Grabs
This section will teach you how to break holds and escape grabs.

4: Striking & Takedowns
This section will teach effective striking for self-defense and takedowns.

The CQC Academy instructors will teach you simple and proven Self-Defense skills to defend yourself and your loved ones. Our Self-defense system uses leverage and body mechanics, not brute strength. You will learn to identify hostile body language, psychological tactics predators use to disarm victims, and how to use leverage to off-balance and control an attacker.


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